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Our engineers provide valuable product design assistance. Using a variety of CAD systems, our engineers work with you in the development of your design. We will offer input on manufacturing considerations, material selection and other secondary operations assembly.

The engineering practices are a key part of the services we provide and the challenging work we perform. The application of technology is evident throughout the organization, from customer design assistance throughout the production.

Our design center specialized in low cost, fast turn around solution to our customer. We can take any parts of electronics design from complete product design, from concept to production, from circuit to PCB, from PCB to product. Our engineering team knows how to develop the products that meet both manufacturability and testability requirement.

Customer Product Design Assistance

Our engineering staff is happy to assist customers in their design efforts. Our engineers can offer input on manufacturing considerations, material selection, assembly automation features, and a variety of value-added processes. This ensures that the completed design is optimized for both performance and manufacturing.